I do definitely recommend Success Without Anxiety

At first, I didn’t know I suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder  (GAD). I could really worry about anything. For me that was normal. I thought that was who I am.

Something always loomed above me. There were always doom scenarios and disaster thoughts,  I was so worried. There was always a lot of turmoil. And fear was always there. For years I participated in many personal development courses, but I did not get over it.

I now no longer feel that constant unrest. And that noise. There is no more noise.  And I am no longer busy all the time.

Not only did I suffer from GAD, I also suffered from Anxiety for Men. I used to freeze when talking with men for no apparent reason, I experienced real fears of death. In my old system, men were dangerous.  I could not have a job interview. Now I am free to act and be with men. And guess what: I did get the job I desired.

I am so thankful I made a huge reversal. Life is so different after the program.