The program is of high quality, well thought-out, round. It has brought me myself.

Michelle’s incredible story.

I did not have complete confidence that it would work. That almost prevented me from saying yes to the Success Without Anxiety program.

I was ashamed to make the investment. I was ashamed of my fears. Is such an amount of money necessary to get rid of it? I thought other people would not understand.

With that kind of money, I could buy a car. Then I would have driven my own car but I was still not the one behind the wheel in my life. I myself really didn’t have a driver yet.

I definitely recommend Success Without Anxiety.

Then you are rid of your worries.

The program is of high quality, well-thought-out, round.

It has brought me myself.

Before, I was the ball. Now I am no longer the ball that is thrown. I now hold the ball and decide whether or not to throw it. And if so, in which direction.

Nicola mirrored me. She goes along down the way to bring light to what is beneath the surface. Like a hostess in my own psyche. She held the door open when I didn’t feel like looking around there. She remained present when I wanted to leave.

I’m specifically grateful to Nicola for her dedication, really going for it 100%. To send me healing remotely on a daily basis all those weeks. She also really focuses on the person completely. She has been an example in everything.

My fears crumbled. And they will never continue to build.

In terms of fear of failure, it is no longer an issue.
I now do appreciate myself. That is now anchored in me.
I have come to believe in myself a lot more and no longer have to pretend that I am someone.

I experience people sharing in a different way. Social anxiety is over. The buffer or filter that I always used in social interaction is no longer necessary. I can now let people be themselves without it affecting me.

I have had a lot of insights about how I view womanhood. Like I didn’t want to be like my mother, I saw that as a weakness. I can experience being a woman as I want. Now I love that I choose to be a woman and that feels so good. I’m not ever going to be afraid of being a woman again.

Now a few weeks later it continues to work, I am even more satisfied than right after graduating from the program.