Warning: we coached every one of our clients from suffering from anxiety or panic to living an abundant life. You are unique, therefore your results will be different. If you are looking for “getting over it without committing to your process or investing” or “a cheap quick fix” look elsewhere. These are all high achieving professionals who worked hard to get results, I am not implying you will get these results too. We bring real transformation. In any program the level of results depends on your engagement, motivation, following the structure, asking questions, to name a few, and we guarantee no results. That being said, enjoy these stories of what is happening and shift your perspective of what is possible for you.

  • Michelle’s incredible story.

    I did not have complete confidence that it would work out. That almost prevented me from saying yes to the Success Without Anxiety program.

    I was ashamed to make the investment. I was ashamed of my fears. Is such an amount of money necessary to get rid of it? I thought other people would not understand.

    With that kind of money I could buy a car. Then I would have driven my own car but I was still not the one behind the wheel in my life. I myself really didn’t have a driver yet.

    I definitely recommend Success Without Anxiety.

    Then you are rid of your worries.

    The program is of high quality, well thought-out, round.

    It has brought me myself.

    Before, I was the ball. Now I am no longer the ball that is thrown. I now hold the ball and decide whether or not to throw it. And if so, in which direction.

    Nicola mirrored me. She goes along down the way to bring light to what is beneath the surface. Like a hostess in my own psyche. She held the door open when I didn’t feel like looking around there. She remained present when I wanted to leave.

    I’m specifically grateful to Nicola for her dedication, really going for it 100%. To send me healing remotely on a daily basis all those weeks. She also really focuses on the person completely. She has been an example in everything.

    My fears crumbled. And they will never continue to build.

    In terms of fear of failure it is no longer an issue.
    I now do appreciate myself. That is now anchored in me.
    I have come to believe in myself a lot more and no longer have to pretend that I am someone.

    I experience people sharing in a different way. Social anxiety is over. The buffer or filter that I always used in social interaction is no longer necessary. I can now let people be themselves without it affecting me.

    I have had a lot of insights about how I view womanhood. Like I didn’t want to be like my mother, I saw that as a weakness. I can experience being a woman as I want. Now I love that I choose to be a woman and that feels so good. I’m not ever going to be afraid of being a woman again.

    Now a few weeks later it continues to work, I am even more satisfied then right after graduating the program.

    Michelle Bos

    I do definitely recommend Success Without Anxiety

    At first, I didn’t know I suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder  (GAD). I could really worry about anything. For me that was normal. I thought that was who I am.

    Something always loomed above me. There were always doom scenarios and disaster thoughts,  I was so worried. There was always a lot of turmoil. And fear was always there. For years I participated in many personal development courses, but I did not get over it.

    I now no longer feel that constant unrest.And that noise. There is no more noise.  And I am no longer busy all the time.

    Not only did I suffer from GAD, I also suffered from Anxiety for Men. I used to freeze when talking with men for no apparent reason, I experienced real fears of death. In my old system, men were dangerous. I could not have a job interview. Now I am free to act and be with men. And guess what: I did get the job I desired.

    I am so thankful I made a huge reversal. Life is so different after the program. 

    Lisenka Brouwer

    Without her mentoring me, anxiety would still be part of my life.

    Nicola helped me by being her loving self. I felt comfortable in all my being with all my negative feelings, which is rare. Before there would be shame or hiding my emotions.

    Through her guidance, I could go to my fear and grieve, and feel it through.

    Without her mentoring me, anxiety would still be part of my life. I recommend her for sure!”

    Juleh van Velzen

    I would panic because I thought he would leave me

    I have a great new boyfriend and there it is again: after a fight or argument, I am panicking because I think he will leave me. I had therapy for 3 years, but it seems to have helped little.

    In the one-on-one session with Nicola last week there was a moment that I really felt incredibly comfortable, without ANY tension and that was unprecedented, very different from how I usually feel – which is very tense. The whole week I slept well and had no panic attacks and I was able to give my sorrow a lot of space. I feel really good, more balanced, and am hopefull that my fears will be gone soon.

    Due to a fall on the street, I became very nervous and scared

    Due to a fall on the street and the subsequent rehabilitation, I became very nervous and scared. Nicola helped me and now I feel stronger. Within weeks the fear is almost gone, and I am able to make decisions. Every week now I make a decision that I have long postponed to make, this makes my life so vibrant.

    I lived, but experienced being locked up in a glass sphere

    When I began working with Nicola, I was completely lost. I lived, but experienced being locked up in a glass sphere, and looked at myself from a glass sphere. Huge fears had gripped me since I had been experimenting with hash.

    Fear and delusions repeated themselves and I was constantly afraid that something very scary would happen. Thanks to Nicola there was a lot of improvement very quickly. Now in already a few weeks, so much is gone, I am becoming normal again.

    I am grateful that Nicola has talked to me about what she offers. It helped me tremendously.