Healer drs Nicola Romme,
Transformative coach and founder of Success Without Anxiety

Hi, I am Nicola and I am here to inspire and empower you. There is no need to keep on suffering and surviving, you came to earth to thrive, the authentic you is perfect and having an anxiety-free life is possible for you.

I help successful professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who are facing anxiety and panic challenges tap into new resources and learn to manage and recover successfully; whilst holding the vision of what they can achieve and who they can become professionally.

anxiety mentor Nicola Romme


This is my soul’s work, why? My mission is to help heal the earth, one person at a time.

I help you shine light on the dark parts you’ve hidden, so that you acknowledge them, heal or lighten them, and then, move beyond them and in doing so, you rewrite the unconscious story you play throughout each day. You are Universally supported in every way, every day. I help you learn how to plug into that and stay for as long as you please.

The last 20 years I have helped hundreds of professionals, entrepreneurs and executives experience innercalm, overcome deep trauma, connect to their soul and prosper in every possible way. I have been the confidant of hundreds of CEO‘s, entrepreneurs, lawyers, notaries, doctors, psychiatrist, psychologists, scientists, millionaires, estate owners, bank managers, famous singers, filmmakers, international models, authors, photographers, successful artists and shamans.

I trained professionals to use their innate natural healing abilities to sleep better, experience balance, increase intuition, deepen spirituality and experience tranquility. I myself struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Social Anxiety before and have overcome it naturally. I also know what it is like to suffer from the consequences of sexual abuse and from PTSD.

Earlier in my life worked as a scientist and in an Internet company.  After experiencing a spontaneous initiation in April 2000 my life shifted completely and I dedicated my time and effort to become a master healer. Learning, practicing and teaching about healing methods, communication modules and shamanic systemic rituals. I can help you effortlessly direct the available resources and  healing energy towards yourself and heal yourself from anxiety and panic attacks.

How will I do this? With ATT, my proven method which stands for “from Arousal to Trust”.. When you suffer from panic or excessive fears your Autonomic Nervous System is out of balance, I will help you gain that balance back for a fulfilled life, I will help you have Success Without Anxiety. With concrete tools and an exact formula, you can eliminate your struggles and reach entirely new levels of personal and professional success.


“I do have fear concerning my new relationship, I have anxiety of commitment, but this does not dominate me anymore and I am so much relieved. Now I can continue to build on the relationship and enjoy it. I can feel there is fear and you might find it strange but that makes me happy. Before I started working with Nicola I could not feel any of my feelings. … I am happy career wise but up till now in my life, I only have set short term goals. What changed as well is that for the first time in my life I want (and will get ) clarity on my life goals. “

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